SI/NI Business
Business Overview
Business Overview

The SI/NI business departments of barun Technology have accumulated high level of technology and abundant experiences in
various SI/NI fields with the development of wire and wireless ICT industry.They providehigh-level IT services
based on a systematic business quality assurance system.

Possession Technologies
Possession Technologies

Possesses general communication network design technologies based on practical experiences for about 50 years, with
professional experts in each area Possesses consulting, design, and installation technologies for
wire and wireless communications, multimedia, surveillance, and other system solutions.

Wire and wireless network and communication security system
Multimedia / image system
Integrated control and surveillance system
Server / storage and Cloud system
Introduction of Solutions

Wire and wireless communication

  • Ethernet Switch, Router
  • Wi-Fi, transmission equipment
  • WAN/application acceleration
  • Communication security andmanagement system

Sound / Image

  • VoIP, Softswitch, IP PBX
  • IPTV, andimaging system

System / Cloud

  • Server and storage (for Telco and other enterprises)
  • NAS/SAN Controller
  • System dualization and backup solution
  • Vitualization/Cloud solution
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Customer Support
Customer Support
Business Results
Business Results


  • Supplied VR equipment for meditation in 2017
  • Provided Internet phone construction service for Nonghyup branches (2nd)
  • Supplied SOLIDWORKS to Pope Bebe and 2 other companies


  • Introduced the foreign investment system (L2) to the Bank of Korea(BOK)
  • Supplied leasing equipment to Yeongjongdo
  • Supplied SOLIDWORKS to FieldDaisy and 5 other companies


  • Provided 24-hour control service for the Korea Foreign Trade Association(KFTA)
  • Provided integrated maintenance service for KTNET in 2017
  • Provide QoS introduction service to the Bank of Korea(BOK)
  • Supplied SOLIDWORKS to Jeil Fine Machinery MFG and 4 other companies
  • Provided ABAQUS interpretation service for Enna Industry


  • Replaced the communication equipment (L2 switch) of Nonghyup branches in 2017
  • Replaced the communications equipment of the Bank of Korea (BOK) in 2017


  • Provided line maintenance service to Community Credit Cooperatives
  • Provided L3 switch maintenance service to Community Credit Cooperatives
  • Provided network maintenance service to Community Credit Cooperatives


  • Moved and installed the computer equipment to the head office of the Bank of Korea (BOK)
  • Provided system infrastructure construction service for KEPCO
  • Provided the 1st Internet phone construction service for Nonghyup
  • Supplied SOLIDWORKS to Miraeeng


  • Provided network maintenance service to COEX Mall
  • Supplied SOLIDWORKS to Linetek System
  • Provided Internet phone construction service for Nonghyup branches (1st)


  • Set up LAN and maaintenance for Coex Exhibit hall on 2017
  • Supply CISCO network equipment
  • DGEN CATIA V5 maintenance contract
  • Purchased backbone switch for SEOYON E-HWA Co., Ltd,
  • Purchasing contract CISCO network WAAS and router equipment
  • Maintenance for developing communications network of Nonghyup Bank


  • Combined maintenance Service for KT exclusive telephone network(intent phone) on 2017
  • Purchased two HPP440 of WOOJIN-HITECH
  • Purchased 2 copy of HANIL ONEEX SOLIDWORKS Professional
  • Maintenance for Nonghyup community center on 2016
  • Rredeployment a thermo-hygrostat for Korea Technology Finance Corporation
  • Security switch combined maintenance for Head office of Nonghyup Banks
  • Security switch combined maintenance for Nonghyup Bank


  • HANGARAM network upgradability business
  • Adopted Changed communication equipment of the bank of Korea
  • Devleop SEOYON E-HWA fire wall
  • Purchased KPS SolidWorkds


  • Supply equipment for constructing Common Use Terminal Equipment(network)
  • Initiative steps business of constructig U-CITY in Incheon Song-do International Business District
  • Adopted security switch for expanding wireless infiltration prevention system
  • Maintenance Network Equipment of BUMIN HOSPITAL HAEUNDAE
  • Supply WASS and router equipment to Yuhan Kimberly


  • Supplied L2 Switch (secondhand)
  • CCTV and Security Monitoring System Maintenance for Busan Newport Multi-purpose Terminal
  • Switch repair for SEOYON E-HWA
  • Supported communications network changing business for SEOYON E-HWA


  • Maintenance Network-Server for Soo-Hospital
  • Maintenance Network-Equipment for Busan-Korea Hospital
  • Korea Hospital of Korea Medical Foundation
  • Layout Construction for Guangju Technology Converging Center of KIbo (Korea Technology Finance Corporation)
  • Supplied L2 Switch
  • Constructed wireless network for BUMIN-Hospital Busan operating room
  • Purchased business branch communication equipment(L2 switch)
  • Changed the security switch for Youjinreydel branch building
  • Constructed wireless network for Youjinreydel Building
  • Fedex X-Ray data transmission
  • Nonghyup second purchasing of internet IP phones


  • DAISHIN Information Communications Co., Ltd.
  • Purchased SEOYON E-HWA network switch
  • SEOYON E-HWA Co., Ltd, Ulsan factory
  • Changed the 9700 module for JEJU coast guard
  • Constructed the Chorang complex network
  • SEOYON E-HWA Network CommunicationRak improvement Construction
  • Supplied vaccine backup IPS option to Soo-Hospital


  • Korea Trade Network combined maintenance Service
  • Korea International Trade Association 24 hours control service
  • Supplied Fortgate_80D
  • Supplied and Constructed a broadband network for Nonghyup combined IT center
  • Supplied wireless LAN security equipment
  • Genie NAC Equipment Construction Service MG Community Credit Cooperatives


  • H/W, S/W combined maintenance for Nonghyup Life
  • Maintenance All Call Paging system for Busan New port
  • SEOYON E-HWA network equipment(firewall, backbone) maintenance
  • Purchased internet IP phone for Nonghyup
  • Changed the firewall for Gupo Bumin hospital
  • Appurtenant construct changing layout for KIbo (Korea Technology Finance Corporation) Cheonan branch
  • Relocating data processing appurtenant construct for KIbo (Korea Technology Finance Corporation) Bupyeong branch
  • Supplied the Korea Spirax sarco CP7942G
  • The first construct for Nonghyup business branch premises


  • Supplied Nonghyup groceries switch
  • Constructed a wireless environment, Reinstallment (AP, PoE switch1) for SM duty-free-shop
  • Supplied wireless AP for Korea Spirax sarco
  • Supplied the CISCO switch for Kimberly-Clark Innovation
  • Supplied GLC-LH-SMD
  • Maintenance for KYOBO LIFE INSUREANCE CO., Ltd.


  • Maintenance GENI NAC equipment for the Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives
  • Constructed WMS(iAS) for TATA DAWOO Commercial Vehicle Company
  • Camera repair work for Busan Newport Multi-purpose Terminal
  • Changed a voice recording server for Busan newport
  • Constructed a distribution center network for SEJUNG
  • Maintenance for Youjinreydel network equipment
  • Maintenance SWIFT network equipment for the foreign capital system of The Bank of Korea


  • Maintenance for Busan New port customs CCTV factory
  • Maintenance for COEX integrated management system
  • Maintenance backbone for MH YEONSE hospital
  • Maintenance for Seoul Bumin hospital network equipment
  • Maintenance network equipment for Bumin hospital
  • Maintenance for SL Network
  • Changed Computer room switch for Busan Korea hospital


  • Maintenance network equipment for Hanil hospital
  • Security switch combined maintenance for Head office of Nonghyup Banks
  • Security switch combined maintenance for Nonghyup Bank
  • Separated network maintenance for The Bank of Korea
  • Maintenance All Call Paging system tracks
  • Constructed an internet telephone system for Nonghyup


  • City Airport network upgradability business
  • Maintenance the information security system for Nonghyup Information System
  • Constructed a security switch for Crown harbor hotel
  • Voice recording repair for Busan Newport Security Company
  • Constructed a server farm switch for Busan Korea hospital
  • Constructed an internet telephone service facility for Nonghyup
  • Constructed a combined wire-wireless service for Air terminal SHINSEGAE duty free shop
  • Constructed a wireless service for SM duty free shop
  • Maintenance for Nonghyup community center
  • Combined maintenance for the bank of Korea network


  • Constructed the an internet telephone service for Nonghyup(voice recording)
  • Constructed a CCTV intelligent video monitor system for Busan Newport Multi-purpose Terminal


  • Gyeongju broadcasting system business by Korea Hydro & Nuclear power Co., Ltd.
  • Constructed a new network for HAEYANG city gas Jangheung branch office
  • Constructed NMS & TMS for Kyungnam College of Information &Technology
  • Replacement communications equipment for the bank of Korea
  • Duplex power switch for Busan Korea hospital
  • Supplied KTNET Switch
  • Maintenance Yoojireydel Network Equipmemt Maintenance


  • Maintenance Specific Post Office Pension Service Agency
  • Supplied Sejong City Office of Education
  • Hankook Tire Construction
  • Constructed Bucheon Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Made Contract of Maintenance, Seoul Housing & Communication Corporation


  • Supplied L3 Switch to Jeju Tourism Organization
  • Haeyang City Gas Communication and Server Maintenance
  • Maintenance Su recuperation Hospital Network Equipment and server
  • Maintenance Busan Korea Hospital Network Equipment


  • KEPCP E & C IT Center Gimcheon, Move to New Buiding and Construction
  • Constructed Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Cyber Security Center Culture Information Back-up System
  • Maintenacne Middle age Job Heemang Net
  • Purchased Information System Equipments


  • Maintenance KTNET Network
  • Changed Kyobo Life Network Seperation Internet Network Monitoring
  • Maintenance Korea Institute for Curriculum Evaluation Security Equipment


  • Constructed Haewundae Bumin Hospital Network
  • Yuhan Kimberly Old Equipment Business
  • Constructed Highone Switch Bag Integrate System


  • Annual Maintenance Network and Mechanical Equipment
  • MG Community Credit Cooperatives
  • Maintenance Kyobo Life VPN Equipment
  • Supplied KT Managed Service N/W Equipment
  • Maintenance CALT Network
  • Maintenance Kyobo Life Network


  • The National Weather Service Network Service Contract
  • Maintenance Credit Counseling & Recovery Service
  • Maintenance the Bank of Korea Foreign Capital System
  • Constructed New Branch’s Internet Telephone Facility
  • Supplied KTNET Switch
  • Maintenance Yoojireydel Network Equipmemt Maintenance


  • Security switch integrate Maintenance
  • Coex Exhibit hall LAN and Maintenance Consignment Contract
  • Gangwondochung Building Internet phone and Premises railroad Construction Service
  • Haeyang City Gas Call Center Communication Construction


  • Korea Bank Foreign Capital SWIFT Network Maintenance
  • Kyobo Life, Supplied Data Center Reg
  • Constructed Busan Port Instruction System


  • Constructed Shinsegae Duty-Free Shop Logistic Center Wireless
  • Additional development Of China Jungju Library Old book System
  • Korea Labor Foundation, Middle age job “Heemang Net” System Improvement Business
  • Constructed Youngjong-Do Korea Duty Free Association Warehouse No.2 Communication Node


  • Purchased Try value ga incubator Korea Network Equipment and Maintenance
  • Busan Newport Multi-purpose Terminal Co., Ltd Security System Maintenance
  • Constructed Haeyang City Gas, Hampyung New office
  • Youngjong Do Korea duty-free association No.2 warehouse Communication


  • Duwon Engineering College, Adopted Network experiment training apparatus equipment and materials
  • Constructed KTNET Remote Back-up System
  • Mario Outlet Network Equipment Maintenance
  • Adopted Foreign Exchange Computer Network


  • Purchased KTNET DB Network L4 Equipment
  • The person in charge of Customer Information Network Security Switch
  • The Bank of Korea, Adopted Communication Equipment
  • ncheon International Logistics Center (IILC), Constructed Equipment Main Object


  • HAEYANG City Gas Communication, Equipment and Server Maintenance
  • Busan Korea Hospital Network Equipment Maintenance
  • Constructed HIGHONESWITCHBAC Integrate System
  • In-house Information Protection System Maintenance


  • Purchased Goods for SAMSUNG LIFE Internet Call Service
  • Pohang Harbor CCV Integrated Watching System additional Construction
  • Constructed WAN Accelerators Youcocacarriers strategic goods maintenance


  • Korea Bank Financial Network, Adopt Combined Server for Mediation Equipment
  • Constructed MH Yeonsei Hospital NAC and Qos
  • Purchased Communication Equipment(L2 Switch) for Branch


  • Branch Network upgradability, Line Service Utilization Business (KT, LG)
  • Constructed Integration Chungju Information Network System
  • Maintenance Local Center Backbone Communication Equipment
  • Highbrand, Adopted Security Switch at the lent building


  • Constructed Network in Korean Red Cross Seoul Branch
  • Gangwon National Weather Service Maintenance
  • Maintenance Branch’s communication equipment
  • Adopted Internal Control Security System in Nonghyup Life


  • The National Weather Service, Building Weather Information Communication Network IP Equipment
  • Network Maintenance in Kyobo Life
  • An extension of installations Low resolution Storage for Broadcast NPS
  • Starco Network maintenance
  • Supplied Web Service Dualization Equipment to KYOBO LIFE


  • Supported Gyungnam Information University Network Technology
  • The Bank of Korea Network integrated maintenance
  • Constructed Nonghyup Internet Phone additional
  • Exclusive Voice System Integrate Maintenance
  • National Weather Service Network Equipment Maintenance
  • SL Network maintenance
  • KTNET 2014 Data System Maintenance Contract


  • Yonsei Hospital Backbone Repair andMaintenance
  • Introduction of communication equipment for Internet-testing network and mobile fault management
  • Additional establishment of the KCA audience media center
  • KIBO Ilsan Technology Assessment Center Computing Subsidiary Work


  • Kyungnam College of Information andTechnology QOS establishment
  • COEX Exhibition Center/Conference Hall
  • LAN installation and construction


  • Ulsan Port CCTV monitoring system repair andmaintenance contract


  • Busan New Port Multipurpose Terminal CCTV and Security Monitoring System Repair andMaintenance
  • KTNET External Service System Construction


  • Ministry of Unification North Korean broadcasting reception system repair andmaintenance
  • Business branch decrepit switching hub replacement and installation


  • Medical information system construction


  • Kyobo Life Insurance mobile business support system construction
  • Busan New Port general situation room projector installation work
  • 2013 network equipment repair andmaintenance


  • Cheongwon Medical Foundation Soo Hospital network construction
  • NH private telephone network system integration repair and maintenance
  • Medical Product Side-effect Report Center system installation


  • Korea Meteorological Administration network repair andmaintenance
  • Yoengju Dam submerged district IP switchboard installation
  • Korea Expressway Corporation LAN and WAN replacement device installation


  • KIBO Seongnam and Sasang Branch computing subsidiary work
  • STX Group Namsan Office entry control system installation


  • STX Electric Power Donghae Office network facility installation
  • Incheon International Logistics Center network repair and maintenance


  • Damyang and Haenam Office new installation
  • Installation of communication devices for the business branch Internet network installation


  • Kumbokju firewall repair andmaintenance


  • MA Life Insurance network device repair andmaintenance
  • CCTV/security and monitoring system repair andmaintenance
  • The first installation of integrated control system
  • Nuri Telecom private office network installation
  • IBK backbone router and switch technical support service contract


  • NH Life Insurance Computing Center communication security equipment supply
  • Seohae City Gas network repair andmaintenance
  • Gyeonggi Office of Education integrated type IP-PABX purchase
  • Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation communication network advancement infra construction


  • Wireless equipment supply
  • Korea Yakult Head Office communication work
  • Yuhan Kimberly communication equipment supply
  • Harmful case report management system installation


  • Busan Korea Hospital
  • Korea Flange PDA and wireless LAN installation
  • Keimyung University new graduate school computer network construction
  • Gimcheon plant network installation
  • Hankuk Oral School managed equipment supply


  • Dongseo University information andcommunication network equipment supply
  • Kyobo Life Insurance Call Center decrepit equipment replacement work
  • Gangnam-gu CCTV network information protection system construction


  • NH Anseong Center integrated monitoring staff repair andmaintenance education
  • Kyobo Life Insurance MSPP equipment supply
  • Computer infra and information protection system extension
  • LG Academy management simulation development
  • Educational Affairs Section and Future Education Section transfer work
  • 2012 wireless network system repair andmaintenance
  • Gyeonggi-do UTIS installation work


  • NH security switch introduction
  • BOK Human Resource Development Center wireless AP purchase
  • Kyobo Life Insurance backbone network construction equipment purchase
  • NH SoIP advancement project
  • Road Traffic Authority TBN Daegu H.Q Traffic Information Situation Room
  • Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries education operation andinformatization infra replacement and extension


  • Integrated control department keyphone and computing equipment supply
  • Information system repair andmaintenance outsourcing contract
  • Military civil complaint service advancement/DBMS SW purchase
  • Bumin Hospital network equipment supply


  • JinjuHanil Hospital network equipment repair andmaintenance
  • Server and network (Server and L4 Switch) annual repair andmaintenance
  • Han River intelligent parking control system construction
  • Seoul Baekje Museum network and security equipment supply and installation
  • Network equipment supply for the MES system construction
  • Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries education operation andinformatization infra replacement and extension


  • Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science andCreativity server repair andmaintenance
  • Seoul Medical Center medical record image visualization work contract
  • Kyobo Life Insurance VPN equipment Refresh


  • Naval War College strategic training system equipment replacement


  • LG Fashion IPT construction
  • Group standard online expert participation system and H/W and S/W purchase and installation
  • Information service and information security monitoring system construction contract